Call recording Intelligence
Dubber’s Intelligence is a suite of modules that go above and beyond the traditional functions of call recording, bringing revolutionary levels of perception to a user’s communications. Businesses can examine customer communications, increase their understanding of customer-employee interactions and ultimately improve their customer service through in depth analysis of current performance. The full functionality of Dubber’s Intelligence is available through both the Dubber Portal and the API, allowing any user to integrate it within existing applications.
Dubber’s Intelligence consists of a collection of call recording analytics tools, innovative products and services by Dubber that maximises the value of a user’s communications. Dubber’s Intelligence consists of analytics tools including Smart Search, the Sentiment and Keywords. Smart Search enables users to intelligently browse their recordings through a series of search metrics including sentiment, date, location or more. Sentiment is able to identify the emotions of speakers from recordings and provide a snapshot report. Keywords enable specific phrases and keywords to be located within recorded data, which can then be tagged and shared.
Voice Analytics Diagram
Call Recording Intelligence brings the invisible to the forefront of every business decision you make
Smart Search
Smart Search
Smart Search intelligently sifts through recorded calls, enabling users to locate a specific recording by searching for sentiment, date, location, a specific phrase, and more. Smart Search can be implemented as a stand-alone service, even available on recordings that were not made via the Dubber recorder.
The product Sentiment analyses the emotions of the speaker in a phone call by examining the tone of voice, the speed of speech, the stress levels, and more. Sentiment conducts the analysis upon recording the call and then provides the user with a snapshot report. It works like a Shazam for human emotions.
Keywords allow users to track specific phrases and words within their recorded calls. Using Keywords, users can organise their captured communications by identifying call-defining words, tagging and sharing them. Tagged keywords are then be highlighted on all future calls, enabling users to locate certain conversations and save time in searching.